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SIN (2020)

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Sin is a Telugu language drama series that stars Thiruveer in the lead. Naveen Medaram directs Sin, which is streaming online from March 25th. The initial few reviews have been mixed with a few calling it a missed opportunity. Nanditha (Deepti Sati) is a typical middle-class girl. Her parent’s only expectation from Nanditha is to get her married as soon as possible. They end her studies at the tenth class itself. They find a perfect groom in Anand (Thiruveer), who is an employee at the women welfare department. Turns out Anand is creep out and out and is in the marriage only to release his inner sexual feelings. There is no relationship whatsoever between them. While this is happening, Neena (Jennifer Piccinato) enters in the life of Anand. Her openness is mistaken for sexual advances. Anand has an extramarital affair with her. All hell breaks loose when Nanditha founds about it. The core plot related to the marriage and sexual act is the key in the series. Unfortunately, it has not been executed properly. The supporting cast includes Ravi Varma, Padmaja and other new faces. Cast: Thiruveer, Deepti Sati, Jeniffer Piccinato Director: Naveen Medaram SIN Trailer: https://youtu.be/uHENMgYQ2ZM

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25 Mar 2020

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