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When Netflix picked up Money Heist the show garnered humongous popularity and there was a surge in more Spanish shows which are available on Netflix. Netflix seeing that the Spanish market is getting a good fan following has ordered many new movies and series for the language . One such show which is ready for Release is named – Someone Has To Die or “Alguien tiene que morir” in Spanish . The show is a thriller series with a hint of family drama in it. The show is created by Manolo Caro. Plot: The show is set in the era of 1950 in Spain which has several norms and was termed as a conservative society. The story follows a family who has called their son from Mexico to home so that he could settle down and get married. But they are shocked to see that their son has brought a male ballet dancer also known as ballerino. Since the show is set in the 50s it is known that people were conservative back then and would not receive this decision of the man kindly. Cast: Carmen Maura,Cecilia Suarez, Ernesto Alterio , Alejandro Speitzer , Issac Hernandez, Juan Carlos Vellindo , Carlos Cuevas and others. A date announcement for the show was recently released by Netflix and the date for the release of the show is October 16th 2020. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=08hQ-FeVhqU

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