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Sound of Metal (2020)

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Sound of Metal, American Amazon Original Movie, streaming on Amazon Prime Video with English subtitles, releasing on 4th December, 2020.


Story of a heavy-metal drummer Reuben who is one half of the heavy metal band Blackgammon, that was formed with his girlfriend singer Lou. As a drummer he is exposed to extremely heavy sounds and with time, he realises the ringing in his ears are increasing. This leads him to the doctors who inform him that his hearing ability is going off rapidly and he needs to preserve whatever is left of it. This means he has to leave what he was meant to do, drumming. Completely shattered and out of his mind, Reuben now has nowhere to look to. His girlfriend stays by his side and helps him get into a rehab centre, which is not a place run by doctors or specialists but more like a community run by the deaf people and others who want to help people with similar disabilities overcome their fear of living life. Being a past addict, he tries to control his life and when he slowly starts to open up to the community, he realises there’s more to life even now. Not everything is lost. An emotional journey full of learning and an amazing story that will let people see the world in a different aspect. Already released in 2019 in Toronto International Film Festival, the movie will be distributed by Amazon Studios and released on the streaming platform.

Starring: Riz Ahmed, Olivia Cooke, Paul Raci, Lauren Ridloff and more
Director: Darius Marder

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