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Tale of the Nine Tailed (2020)

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Tale of the Nine-Tailed, Korean Fantasy Romantic Series, With Subtitles, Releasing on 3rd April, 2021, Streaming On Netflix


Lee Yeon, a gumiho or the nine tailed fox leaves his much coveted position as the guardian of the mountain. He comes down to earth to look for his one true love, Ah-eum who he gave a fox bead to, so that in every life he can identify her no matter where she is. Lee Yeon is feared as the leader and also for his powers of being a gumiho. While he does no harm to humans, his step-brother does the exact opposite. Lee Rang, a half blood gumiho is Lee Yeon’s enemy, even though they are related by blood they hate each other’s guts. He ran away from the mountain, as the absence of Lee Yeon led the people to set fire to it. To avenge that, he goes on a killing spree of the mortals as he joins his brother on earth. Lee Yeon is given the duty of killing Lee Rang as he has been murdering innocent lives as they like to believe. As the brothers fight it out, Lee Yeon needs to find who the reincarnation of Ah-eum is in this life.

Starring: Lee Dong-wook, Kim Bum, Jo Bo ah

Directed by: Kang Shin-hyo, Jo Nam-hyung

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