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Amrutham Dhvitheeyam-Trailer Talk

Amrutham Dvitheeyam (2020)

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Amrutham Dvitheeyam is a comedy series in Telugu, and the sequel to the TV show Amrutham. It tells the story of Amrutham Rao who wants to run a successful restaurant with his chef cum partner Anji. The duo reopens their restaurant called Amrutham Vilas with the help of new investors. They try new ideas and plans to make the restaurant a success, but end up bungling most of the time. Their hilarious antics keep the viewers engaged and laughing. There are numerous subplots too in the series which add to the humour element of the show. Starring Harsh Vardhan, LB Sriram, Vasu Inturi, Ragini, Shivannarayana, Kasi Vishwanath, and Satya Krishnan. Directed by Gunnam Gangaraju, Sandeep Gunnam https://youtu.be/eh8tW4xKEB0

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