The Babysitter: Killer Queen

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The Babysitter- Killer Queen Online WatchThe Babysitter: Killer Queen American Teenage Slasher Film Is Streaming Online Watch on Netflix, Release Date 10th September 2020. Netflix’s horror comedy The Babysitter returns for a sequel titled The Babysitter: Killer Queen. The funny horror and gore which delighted audiences worldwide is set to return with the same weirdness as last time but with a slight twist. The sequel is set a couple of years after the events of The Babysitter, with Cole struggling to get over the (last movie’s) traumatic experience, but for some reason no one believes it ever happened. The disturbing incident has made it difficult for him to cope with high-school, with him still missing his previous babysitter/Satan Cult leader, Bee. After much convincing from his best friend Melanie, they both go on a trip to a secluded Lake House with their friends to enjoy their weekend. But it quickly turns into a nightmare when all the ‘dead’ cult members return to exact their revenge on Cole. Bella Thorne, Robbie Amell, Hana Mae Lee, and Andrew Bachelor all return as the members of the cult, this time with supernatural abilities. But Samara Weaving, the main antagonist from the last movie, is noticeably absent in the movie trailer and the billing of the movie. But we are teased with her return at the end of the trailer, with a blond woman rising out of the lake facing away from the camera, with her iconic “Cole” line, while the rest of the cult watches. Cast: Judah Lewis, Hana Mae Lee, Robbie Amell, Bella Thorne, Andrew Bachelor, Leslie Bibb, Ken Marino, Emily Alyn Lind and Jenna Ortega. Written by Dan Lagana. Directed by McG.