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Kaley Cuoco is back in the lead role game with her upcoming dark comedy series for HBO Max titled The Flight Attendant. The miniseries has been adapted from the best selling novel by Chris Bohjalin of the same name.
The Flight Attendant has been produced by Cuoco’s Yes, Norman Productions, Berlanti Productions of Greg Berlanti, and Warner Bros. Television.


The story follows Cuoco’s character named Cassandra Bowden who is a flight attendant. Her life turns upside down after she meets a man named Alexander on the flight where she is on duty. The two hit it off instantly and spend time together. After partying the whole night, Cassandra wakes up hungover at a strange hotel room and witnesses that her hand is covered in blood. She registers this momentarily and then sees the dead body of Alexander covered in blood in the bed. Not having any memory of last night, she decides to live her day as normal, and meets up with her flight crew.

Upon reaching US, she is taken into questioning by the FBI about her recent layover in Bangkok where the incident happened. She tries hard to explain the story without damaging her chances but, she starts to hallucinate about Alexander and is unable to satisfy the officers. She starts to question her sanity and wonders if she could be the killer.


The Flight Attendant has a brilliant starcast including of :-

Kaley Cuoco, Michial Huisman, Michelle Gomez, Colin Woodell, Rozie Perez, Merle Dandrige, Zozia Mamet, T.R. Knight and others.

HBO Max has released an official trailer for the show, it is getting postive reviews by the viewers, with many targeted for Cuoco as the fans are happy to see her back, and the trailer itself looks exciting.

The Flight Attendant will be streaming on HBO Max from November 26th 2020. The initial 3 episodes will be available from 26th November and rest of the episodes will be coming till December 17th 2020.

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