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The Married Woman (2021)

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The Married Woman, a Hindi series is streaming online, watch on Alt Balaji and Zee 5, streaming on 8th March.


The Married Woman, is a story that takes a stark look at society and its inherent homophobia

The Married woman has been adapted from the novel by Manju Kapur ‘A Married Woman’. Aastha tried to be everything that society expected from a woman. She tried to be a good mother, a good wife, a good daughter but was slowly losing parts of herself. She finally meets someone who will fill this empty void within her. She meets someone who makes her feel good about herself again.

The married woman was announced close to a year ago and we finally have a streaming date for this series. This romantic drama is set in the background of the 1992 riots and also sheds light on how society ridicules things that it is not entirely comfortable with it.

Starring: Monica Dogra, Ridhi Dogra

Directed By: Sahir Raza

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