The Match

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The Match is a sports drama with a story based somewhere near Rome in a dirt field, where two teams, Sporting Roma and Monterotondo, are to play the final game of the youth soccer championship. The match somehow becomes more about a matter of glory than just a game. While one team is headed by Claudio Bulla (Francesco Pannofino) who has never won anything in life, decides that this game is the one he cannot lose. On the other hand, there is Italo (Alberto Di Stasio), for whom winning the game is important to help him come out of his financial problems. The match becomes a day of reckoning as the coaches, team owners and their members fight with their internal demons in this gritty sports drama. Starring : Francesco Pannofino, Alberto Di Stasio, Giorgio Colangeli, Gabriele Fiore, Daniele Mariani, Lidia Vitale, Fabrizio Sabatucci, Veruska Rossi, Giada Fradeani Directed by : Francesco Carnesecchi



The Match