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The Mess You Leave Behind

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The Mess You Leave Behind, Spanish Limited Series with English subtitles, releasing on the 11th of December, streaming online on Netflix.


Based on the award-winning Spanish novel of the same name by Carlos Montera, this is all about death, guilt and grief with an essence of mystery, thrill, and suspense. Based in the fictional town of Novariz in Galacia, Spain, a woman named Raquel takes up a job of a substitution teacher, so that she is able to save her marriage by moving back to her husband’s birthplace. Little does she know that there is way more to her position in the school than she can see. Haunted by the death of her predecessor, Viruca who ended up committing suicide, Raquel starts receiving threats. She is now torn between her relations and finding out what happened to Viruca.

The story follows two timelines, one that shows the story of Viruca while the other shows the present times where Raquel starts to get tangled up. The show is a production of Netflix as well as Vasa Productions and one of the first projects to be shot entirely in Galacia.

Starring: Inma Cuesta, Barbara Lennie, Tamar Novas, Aron Piper, Roberto Enriquez
Creator: Carlos Montera

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