The Rain S3

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The Rain Season-3 NetflixThe Rain S3 English Web Series Is Streaming Online Watch on Netflix, Release Date 06th August 2020 The Rain is the first Danish original series on Netflix. In the series we see that world is no more the same and life in Scandinavia has been almost ended by a deadly virus carried by rain. Six years later, a pair of Danish sibling emerges from the safety of their bunkers only to find that the civilization they once knew exits no more. Joined by other young survivors, they set on a dreaded journey through the abandoned land in search for signs of life. The survivors thought that they had attained freedom from the iron-cast societal norms in the post-apocalyptic world, but soon enough they realise that love, jealousy and other coming of age dilemma still exists. Starring : Lucas Lynggaard Tønnesen, Alba August, Mikkel Følsgaard, Jessica Dinner, Angela Bundalovic Directed by: Kenneth Kainz, Natasha Arthy

The Rain Season-3 Netflix


The Rain S3