The Social Dilemma

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The Social Dilemma online watchThe Social Dilemma American Documentary Drama Film Is Streaming Online Watch on Netflix, Release Date 9th September 2020. This January released documentary-drama hybrid is a shocking look at social networking with social media giants talking out against their own creations. Created by Netflix, this human psychology manipulating phenomenon that is social media, is shown in a completely different light. Starting in the dark underbelly of Silicon valley, The Social Dilemma mixes investigative journalistic documentary with realistic drama. Testimony from whistle-blowers exposes the services Big Tech moguls like Facebook and Google provide; the search engines and instant information merely just candy they use to distract us, as they extract valuable and personal information about us from ourselves. Once a user is hooked and comes back for more, they use the information to study us & manipulate us as well as sell it to the highest bidder. Cast: Skylar Gisondo, Kara Hayward, VIncent Kartheiser, Tristan Harris, Sophia Hammons, Catalina Garayoa, Barbara Gehring and Chris Grundy among others. Written by Davis Coombe, Vickie Curtis and Jeff Orlowski. Directed by Jeff Orlowski.

The Social Dilemma online watch