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Thirumanam is a Tamil movie streaming on Amazon Prime Video

Thirumanam is a Tamil language family drama with romance. The movie stars Cheran in the central character. The film opened with mixed (mostly positive response) from the critics upon its theatrical release in the summer of 2019.

Mahesh (Umapathy) and Aathira (Kavya) are modern-day love pair. They fall in love through social media without meeting each other. Finally, when they meet, sparks fly, and they decide to marry.

The conflict in the love story of Mahesh and Aathira arrives in the form of relatives on either side of the family. Aathira’s brother Arivudainambi (Cheran) and Mahesh’s sister Manonmani Sukanya) are critical to the respective family’s approval. The issue arises when Arivudainambi doesn’t agree for a lavish marriage, whereas Mahesh’s sister wants one.

The class conflict and traditional marriage values from past and present are blended neatly in the narrative. It gets a bit formulaic in the process, which is its undoing in parts.

Cheran has not only acted but also directed, written and provided the screenplay for the movie. Thirumanam consists of an impressive supporting cast with the likes of Thambi Ramaiah, Jayaprakash, MS Bhaskar, Manobala etc. essaying key parts.

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  1. Thirumanam is an engaging fare courtesy it’s neat writing, overall. It does get a bit preachy in the second half, and the younger pair could have done well, but the concluding message makes it a watchable fare digitally.

thirumanam is a Tamil movie streaming on Amazon Prime