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Transformers - War for Cybertron- Earthrise

Transformers Earthrise (2020)

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Transformers War For Cybertron – Earthrise – Netflix

Transformers War For Cybertron is a Netflix original trilogy based on the characters of Transformers franchise. The trilogy began with “Siege” which aired earlier in 2020, and “Earthrise” is the second season of the trilogy. The series will pick off where the first season ended.


Earthrise follows the Transformers who decide to leave Cybertron in search for AllSpark which disappeared in the last season. They decide to journey their way to Earth as the decepticons have nothing left to survive in the dying Cybertron. Meanwhile, Optimus Prime who is lost in space and is farther away from a nearest civilization along with his team will be looking for desparate measures to get out of the danger. But in doing so they come face to face with their creatures unknown to the and eventually their own creators – Quintessons.


Jake Foushee, Linsay Rousseau, Jason Marnocha, Frank Todaro, Edward Bosco, Mark Whitten and others.

Trailer & Release Date

Netflix has released an official trailer for the show which is also available on YouTube. The second season is filled with spectacular action and storyline. The most shocking one is that we’ll be seeing Galvatron and Megatron together which is awesome because, ultimately they both are the same meaning that there has to be a storyline regarding time travel too.

All our questions will be answered as “Earthrise” premieres December 30th 2020 on Netflix.

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