Unlock – The Haunted App

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Rated 3

Unlock---The-Haunted-AppUnlock – the haunted app, a new Zee5 original spine chilling horror – thriller is about an app which grants one’s deepest, darkest wishes but there’s a twist. In order to have the wish fulfilled the app requires you to complete three tasks. How one uses Internet is one’s own choice but this film is a reminder of how nefarious it can be at times. Cyber crime is on the rise in the country is another aspect the film highlights. The story is about Suhani and how she is afraid of losing the man of her dreams Amar to her flatmate Riddhi. Suhani is obsessed with Amar and will go to any lengths to get him. This time she takes help from an app off the deep web. Turns out this app is not your normal app and has supernatural powers. It asks her to complete the tasks it gives. As the tasks are completed Suhani finds her relationship with Amar improving. Every time the task is being performed a hooded figure engulfed in smoke appears out of nowhere, giving that spooky vibe. Cast : Hina Khan, Kushal Tandon, Aditi Arya, Rishabh Sinha Director : Debatma Mandal https://youtu.be/NX0gbLNZT3E