Watch on:  23 May 2020
Film, Crime, Tamil , U.S only
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Walter Amazon -Prime VideoWalter is a Tamil crime thriller starring Sibi Sathyaraj in the lead. The movie opened with poor reviews when it hit the theatres just before the lockdown on March 13th, 2020.

Sibi Sathyaraj plays DSP Walter, a sincere and honest cop. The story is then about him taking on corrupt and dishonest people in the society.

The plot of Walter operates in a medical thriller terrain despite having all the heroism elements. It all starts when a couple files a complaint regarding their missing infant. DSP Walter takes up the case. What started as a one-off missing case soon leads to a mafia involving in such nefarious activities.

The narrative moves to a cat and mouse game between Walter and the big names involved in the missing infants. How Walter puts an end to the crime and brings out the culprit in the open is the basic plot of the movie.

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  1. Walter is a typical commercial fare with a surprisingly good core medical thriller element. A stiff lead and weak casting got it critically trashed, but for an online watch, it is passable.

Walter Amazon -Prime Video