Your Honor

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Your Honor Hindi Series Streaming Online Watch on NetflixYour Honor is a dark and gripping series in the Hindi language. Your Honor is an adaptation of a popular Israeli series. It is a thriller drama that is set in Ludhiana, Punjab. It tells the story of Bishan Khosla (Jimmy Sheirgill), a respected circuit court judge, known for his uncompromising honesty, and on the cusp of a big promotion. After his troubled teenaged son Abeer Khosla (Pulkit Makol) is involved in a hit-and-run accident, Bishan is about to turn Abeer in to the police, when he learns who the accident victim is. Upon finding that the victim is a known criminal, Bishan takes an uncharacteristic decision. He decides to cover up the truth to protect his son, and in doing so, has to face off with an upright police officer (Varun Badola). Does the investigation lead the police to Abeer, or and does the law catch up with him, or does Bishan Khosla manage to pull off the uphill task of fending off the legal system forms the rest of the story.

Starring Jimmy Sheirgill, Mita Vashisht, Varun Badola, Yashpal Sharma, Parul Gulati, Suhasini Mulay, Richa Pallod, Kunj Anand, Pulkit Makol and Mahabir Bhullar

Directed by E Niwas

Written by Ishan Trivedi

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Your Honor