Your Son (Tu hijo)

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Your-Son-Spanish-Movie-Streaming-Online-Watch-on-NetflixYour Son is a Spanish-French drama starring Jose Coronado in the lead. The movie opened with mixed reviews when it hit the cinemas November 9th, 2018. One can watch the film online on Netflix.

The story of Your Son centres on a father, Jaime Jimenez (Jose Coronado). Jaime is a respected surgeon who is living happily with a family in Spain. His life comes crumbling down when his son Marcos (Pol Monen) is brutally beaten outside a nightclub.

Jaime is shaken when Marcos is brought to the hospital to operate. All he wants is to seek justice for the perpetrators. He follows the tracks legally. The police and the legal system turn up with very little help. An enraged father, Jaime then takes the law in his hands.

How an honest and law-abiding citizen, Jaime is forced to break the law and spiral downward towards the crime world is the primary line of the movie. Did he get the revenge, and what happens towards the end is the overall plot of the thriller?

Miguel Angel Vivas directs the drama ‘Your Son’. Ana Wagener, Pol Monen, Asia Ortega, Luis Bermejo, Ester Exposito, and others play the supporting parts. Netflix is the international distributor of the film which is produced on Apache Films banner. The dramatic thriller is now available to watch online on Netflix.