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A Cheated Wife Hits Back, in 11-Min Secret Messages on Amazon Prime

By Binged Rashmi Paharia - December 5, 2019 @ 10:00 am

Secret Messages Short Film on Amazon Prime VideoAmazon Prime Video is streaming Pocket Films’ Secret Messages, a very different kind of content from its usual fare.

The 11-minute short film narrates how a woman, being cheated upon by her philandering husband and her own friend, hits back at both in a very intriguing and effective way. The end is particularly horrifying.

The short film caps the diversified content Amazon Prime Video is bringing to its viewers.

Pocket Films, owned by Dice Media, who gave us Little Things and What The Folks, is a popular choice for millennials wanting to watch short, powerful pieces of content on the net. In fact, Pocket Films is one of the leading short film creators in the digital domain.

Although the actors in Secret Messages are mostly unknown, they’ve done a good job of conveying the core idea of the short film.

Secret Messages is currently streaming on Amazon Prime Video. If you’re unable to get hold of it on your Prime Video account, it is also available to watch on YouTube.

Here’s the YouTube link –

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