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Committed Actor Shoots Despite Fracture

By Binged Siddartha Toleti - November 4, 2019 @ 4:58 pm

Committed-Actor-Tanuj-Virwani-Shoots-Despite--FractureActor Tanuj Virwani who shot to fame with the first season of Inside Edge will be part of the show in the second season as well. He plays the character of a young cricketer. Naturally, it would require him to play a lot of cricket, and that is how he succumbed to the injury.

The shooting for Inside Edge 2 required Tanuj to play cricket regularly. They are to be filmed for the series. During one of those, the actor got hit by a ball. It resulted in four fractures on the right arm fist.

The doctors advised Tanuj Virwani to take some rest, but the actor has been participating in shooting throwing caution out of the wind. Tanuj is a busy artist with multiple shows in hand. He can’t afford to miss a schedule as that would put his other works in disarray.

Besides the second season of Inside Edge, Tanuj is also part of Ekta Kapoor’s Cartel. These two shows are expected to hit streaming platform before the end of the year, provided the shoot completes in time. As and when that happens, the actor will join the shooting of Kamatipura.

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