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Freshly Arrived on Prime: Ishq – A Slap to Moral Policing

By Binged Rashmi Paharia - July 4, 2019 @ 3:59 pm

Freshly Arrived on Amazon Prime Video Ishq Malayalam Movie - A Slap to Moral Policing .jpgYet another successful Malayalam movie from the summer has hit the streaming platform Amazon Prime for the joy of the binge watchers. It is the love story Ishq that stars Shane Nigam and Ann Sheetal in the lead roles.

Ishq is a love story on the surface, but it deals with a very contemporary issue of moral policing in a refreshing manner. The writing (by Ratheesh Ravi) and performances are what makes it a winner. The lead pair Shane Nigam and Ann Sheetal, have done an incredible job. The supporting parts have also been neatly crafted and enacted by Shine Tom Chaco, and Leona Lishoy. Interestingly, Shane has also been part of the recently released (online) Malayalam flick Kumbalangi Nights as well.

The Anuraj Manohar’s directorial debut has met with good critical acclaim and was a commercial success too. Jakes Bejoy of Taxiwala fame has provided the music, and background score. It has also been instrumental in boosting the box office prospects of the movie as well. Mukesh R Mehta, AV Anoop, and CV Sarathi have jointly produced Ishq on AVA Productions and E4 Entertainment banner.

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