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How Can The OTT Factor In Bigg Boss OTT Change Its Viewership Dynamics?

By Binged Binged Bureau - August 9, 2021 @ 9:00 pm

How Can The OTT Factor In Bigg Boss OTT Change Its Viewership Dynamics?Bigg Boss has arrived. Bigg Boss has now finally entered the realm to entertain folks once again and all over again. The reality show without doubt is one of the biggest reality shows of the nation and has got the highest number of fans watching it diligently every single year. Bigg Boss had its welcoming ceremony on Sunday night, and the entry of the new guests has now become the trending topic all over social media.

Even if Bigg Boss has returned, and this year even earlier, there’s a slight change in the concept. Bigg Boss this time is completely “over the top” and when we say Over The Top, we actually mean Big Boss is now completely on OTT. That isn’t much of a news though and every fan already knows about it. The OTT factor is actually quite interesting, as the members in the house will stay for 6 weeks inside and later the finalists will enter the main Big Boss show, which again will be aired later in the year.

Going with the concept, Bigg Boss OTT definitely will have a much bigger impact on the main Bigg Boss, that will be held later in the year. Now, we all know how crazy fans are for Bigg Boss. It is one such show that has fans from every age group. Be it a student, an office worker, a housewife, an old granny who enjoys TV every one loves Bigg Boss. Bigg Boss OTT might not be equally big but again it will pique everyone’s interests who have watched earlier seasons of Bigg Boss.

But, the OTT streaming might hold people back now. OTT apps are not something that are preferred by everyone. Specifically speaking of a certain age group, who find themselves technologically challenged, aren’t really fans of OTT. This will definitely restrict them from watching the show which is being streamed on the OTT platform Voot. These non OTT loving folks actually are a big chunk of the viewers base, if not the fan base.

Given that, the show might be affected when it comes to viewership matters. The enjoyment people have when they watch Bigg Boss on their TV screens is completely different and watching it on an OTT platform might feel different to them. But again, there’s a certain chunk of people that watch Bigg Boss only on Voot, and that has also affected the downloads for Voot in the past couple of years, especially during the Bigg Boss airing time.

So, right now we can say that Big Boss OTT stands on a 50-50 chance of how hit it will be. Also, not to forget the host. The show earlier was hosted by Salman Khan and now the OTT version will be hosted by Karan Johar. The juiciness of the show, the main MVP of the show has always been Salman Khan and this can actually be one big thing when it comes to how hit the show will be.

Right now though, it is way too early to decide how the show will go, but like we said the chances somehow stand in the 50-50 range. Only, the next weeks will be able to tell if Bigg Bigg Boss OTT will be able to strike chords with the audience, like the original Big Boss show didFollow us on Google News

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