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Indian Matchmaking : Bonus Episode – A Catch-up or A Cover-up?

By Binged Binged Bureau - July 30, 2020 @ 7:42 pm

indian-matchmaking-bonus-episode-a-catch-up-or-a-cover-upBonus episode of ‘Indian Matchmaking‘, a show that has been stirring controversies ever since it started to stream on Netflix, is now available on YouTube. The show was slammed all over the social media for being regressive and typecasting the Indian match making process that leads into an arranged marriage.

It appears that Netflix thought of doing something about the flak they were receiving and released an over 40 minutes bonus episode on their YouTube channel with influencer Dolly Singh as the host, interviewing the cast of the show over video calls. She is seen asking them questions that most people had in their mind while watching it. But in all this there is no sign of “Sima Taparia from Mumbai”.

The show received strong criticism for considering strong headed, modern women as stubborn and negative. It also depicted how the Indian families put pressure on their children to get married at the so called ‘right age’. The match makers in the show are seen to have the thought process that women should be the one compromising and adjusting when it comes to finding a life partner. The docuseries also seems to highlight the fact that fair, tall and slim are the three main criterias sought after in a prospective bride or daughter-in-law.

The episode on YouTube looks like an attempt to clarify the above issues, though not explicitly. Apparently they are trying to catch-up with participants, where we find that no one has continued with the matches they found on the show. Even during the interviews one can find some disturbing facts like ‘Pradhyuman’ giving an analogy where he compares a mobile phone to a girl while talking about physical and mental attraction. The show has been pressing all the hot buttons but as Dolly mentioned it in the bonus episode, love it or hate it but you can’t ignore it.

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