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Trailer Talk: Typewriter Promises Intrigue And Suspense

By Binged Siddartha Toleti - June 27, 2019 @ 12:26 pm

Netflix Typewriter Trailer TalkThe trailer of Kahani fame director Sujoy Ghosh’s first collaboration with Netflix, Typewriter is out. It is right down the allay of the Sujoy’s recent works, be it as a director or producer.

Right from the opening frame, it is clear what we are getting into. The mood of thrill and suspense with an air of eeriness is built well. It instantly draws us into the world the director has created. The haunted mansion and the rest of the location add to the feel.

However, the one problem that can be felt from the trailer itself is the presence of predictable tropes. At times, one gets the dejavu effect looking at the visuals. We have been there are seen that many times before. One only hopes that Sujoy Ghosh has something better to tell using the familiar setup.

Purab Kohli heads the cast of Typewriter which sees him playing a cop. He is investigating the murders happening in Barez Villa. How are they connected to the title seems to be the underlying concept? Typewriter will out on July 19th on Netflix, a month after the successful outing in Leila. The trailer ensures that Netflix has another winner in its hand.

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