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Asalem Jarigindante Review – Extended Short Strung With Silliness Galore

By Binged Siddartha Toleti - April 14, 2020 @ 5:27 pm
Binged Rating2.5/10

BOTTOM LINE: Extended Short Strung With Silliness Galore

Rating: 2.5/10

Platform: MX Player Genre: Comedy

Skin and Swear: None 

What Is the Story About?

Siddharth (Harsh) and Geetha (Yashna) are a young couple. They have a usual fight when an accident happens. It is later revealed that Geetha has developed retrograde amnesia due to the unfortunate incident. What happens next is funnily narrated as Siddharth makes the best use of the opportunity.


Asalem Jarigindante Series Review - Extended Short Strung With Silliness Galore

Harsha Chemudu plays his part in his usual over the top style. There is absolutely no effort to change. It works for the sill gags that are part of the narrative, and there is nothing more to it.

In terms of characterization, though, there is something new for him, but Harsha doesn’t try to bring any variation. It is another show that has more of his regular antics. If one is fine with it, everything might be okay or passable. If one doesn’t, there is nothing in it.


Chandoo Allada directs Asalem Jarigindante. Frankly, the basic plot is okay to provide an engaging narrative. However, the team seems to be satisfied with mild laughs and silly gags. They are just aiming for low hanging fruits; the bar is small.

Even keeping the lower expectation in mind, there is nothing in Asalem Jarigindante. The biggest issue is the lack of clarity with what one wants to convey. Yes, one gets the idea is to entertain, but it is also all over the place with a mixture of all varieties.

Still, Asalem Jarigindante could have worked, with better writing and direction. It fails to score on both the counts. The former never rises above the juvenile kind, and the later feels non-existent.

Apart from a few ridiculous kinds of fun, there is nothing to savour in Asalem Jarigindante. The gags are overstretched. The running gag involving the double of Harsha (a take from Annayya movie), for example, feels overdone.

The ending offers no surprise or punch. Of course, no such thing was expected in the first place, looking at the making and lack of seriousness. Still, given the effort maybe they could have had something more.

Overall, Asalem Jarigindante is a short film idea that is extended to a web series. Even with a short duration, it fails to engage and entertain.

Other Artists?

There are limited artists in Asalem Jarigindantey. The key is the lead pair, Harsha and Yashna Chowdary. The latter might be a key reason for few to check out the mini-series. She doesn’t disappoint as in she looks lovely for the part.  The homely appeal with a charming face works to her advantage even though there is nothing significant to act and impress.

Gemini Suresh appears in one scene, which is the case with RJ Hemant. They are wasted and have nothing significant to add at all. Aasha Chowdary gets the sidekick part of the main lead. It doesn’t have any meat to it, though. The rest have nothing to speak about.

Music and Other Departments?

The music by Naga Vamshi is on predictable lines, as in, it follows routine sound for the terrain. There is nothing fresh in it to mention. The cinematography is poor. Even the web series content makers are improving the standards technically. Asalem Jarigindante is weak on that score. The editing is terrible. A smooth narrative is missing within a short duration. The writing is incredibly banal and silly. Some work out due to the same, but they are few and far between.


Basic Twist In The Plot

Short Length

Some Silly Laughs


Poor Making

Nothing Engaging


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