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Close Review – Loosely Knit Action Thriller

By Binged Siddartha Toleti - April 7, 2019 @ 9:41 pm
Binged Rating2.25/5


BOTTOM LINE: Loosely Knit Action Thriller

Rating: 2.25/5

Platform: Netflix Genre: Action & Adventure

What is the Story about?

When Eric Tanner dies, the shares of his company are passed on to troubled daughter Zoe Tanner (Sophie Nelisse). The aghast stepmom Rima Hassine (Indira Varma) quickly makes a move to get back to shares while fighting with external forces at the same time. Sam (Noomi Rapace) is appointed as new protection officer, and they are sent a safe house in Morocco. What happens when Sam is about to be relieved from her job is the overall story of the action thriller?


Close-Movie-Netflix-Review-RatingsNoomi Rapace as Sam is in her zone playing a tough woman. Parts like these are made for her, and she has done it well one would expect. It is an action-heavy role, so there will be minor quibble when it comes to fighting skills, especially the hand to hand combats with her small frame. But, it isn’t a big issue at all and is related to personal perspective.

As far as ‘acting’ is concerned, Noomi Rapace is impressive as usual. Watch out for her breakdown at the mosque once she gets a break to reflect on what has just happened before that moment. But, the character is poorly written. While the past gives depth to the role, the way its brought out in the narrative is inferior and lessens the effect of the character.

Direction By Vicky Jewson?

The opening sequence shows the command and grip of the director Vicky Jewson in delivering a gripping action sequence. He manages to bring alive the thrill and take us to the edge of the seat. It sets high expectation and tone for the rest of the film to follow.

Unfortunately, the promise of the opening is not entirely fulfilled. It has similar magic in very few parts, and everything else feels generic and underwhelming as well. The problem is an uneven narrative that jumps to high with a well-executed action scene and is immediately boring due to the muddled happening around it related to the business.

Close-Movie-Netflix-Review--RatingsThe non-action plot moments lack the same interest and excitement as the action blocks. Add to it the confusion of what is happening, the overall appeal is diminished, and Close feels less impressive.

Still, for the action movie lovers, it offers some thrilling moments. But, is that enough is the question, and we feel, Close falls in an in-between zone – it’s neither a compulsive watch nor an outright reject. It can be seen once based on the convenience with absolutely no need to rush.

Others Artists?

Sophie Nelisse starts-off in an annoying fashion but makes sure that we up to her performance and character by the end of the film. Sophie has a well-defined character arc, and she makes full use of it. Her scenes with Noomi Rapace have come out well, though, it ends up in an unnecessary direction. Indira Varma is adequate in her part. She brings a high-class elegance and catty vibe needed for the character. Apart from them, none of the actor’s parts is developed enough to register despite multiple appearances. Most of them are there for action parts, so that is also a reason.

Music and other departments?

The music by Marc Canham is perfunctory. There is nothing remarkable, but it goes with the flow without disturbing the mood. The cinematography by Malte Rosenfeld is okay. Richard Smither’s editing could have been better. It adds to a lot of confusion in the narrative, and that leads to needless chaos. The writing by Vicky Jewson and Rupert Whitaker is below par. It gets cringy at many points with the ending blocks taking the cake.


Noomi Rapace


Muddled Narrative

Did I enjoy it?

Yes in parts

Will you recommend it?

Yes but with huge reservations

Close Review by Siddhartha Toleti

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