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Kailasapuram Review – Dreadful Execution For Decent Plot

By Binged Siddartha Toleti - June 26, 2019 @ 12:53 pm
Binged Rating4/10

Kailasapuram Web Series Review, Zee5 Kailasapuram TV Series (Show) Review, Ratings

BOTTOM LINE: Dreadful Execution For Decent Plot

Rating: 4/10

Platform: Zee5 Genre: Drama

Kailasapuram Web Series Review, Zee5 Kailasapuram TV Series (Show) Review, Ratings

What Is the Story About?

In the town of Kailasapuram, the illegal selling of ‘Ganja’ is big business. It comes with its life-threatening troubles as well. How the college-going youth spoil their life by becoming addicted to ‘Ganja’ and also are part of ‘Ganja’ selling nexus is what Kailasapuram is all about?


Among the five youth who take the story forward, Shiva played by Mohit Pedada can be seen as the lead. He has proper and complete arc along, unlike others who seem to come intermittently. Mohit has put a sincere act, but it still comes as half-baked. It appears fault of the direction, though.

Except for the scenes where Mohit has to look like someone smoking ‘Ganja’ everything else, despite having ample opportunity to emote, comes across as amateurish and lacking depth. Everything is surface level and that too, by taking inspiration from many realistic films with similar circumstances.


The basic story of the series is fine, but the way it has been executed is what makes it a damp squib. The reason for that completely goes to director Bhargav Macharla who seems to be happy with getting the shoot done and not worry about the performances or other technical details.

It might not be intentional, but the messy narration sometimes helps keep alive the interest. One is not at all sure where the series is headed or what is happening at times. The narrative is jumbled up, and many sequences seem to come out of place, initially, only to make some sense later.

There are multiple tracks, one involving the students, the other involving the police operation and the third one with the Ganja peddlers. Each seems to happen in its own space, unrelated to the other, and they all are connected in the most disjointed way one can imagine.

The gravity of the situation makes one want to care for the characters. However, the way the whole thing is put together and the acting makes it impossible to do. The hard-hitting style is undone due to the performances.

Kailasapuram is an example of a decent offering on paper undone by either lack of resources in execution or inferior direction. Either way, it is a worthy subject with good potential that is wasted. The whole Dhanunjay track and the final twist related to it is a classic example in this regard; it is terribly done. So is the other one involving child abuse and its connection with the present.

Overall, Kailasapuram is a forgettable outing. It is short, and one could recommend using the fast forward option. Unfortunately, that would make Kailasapuram seem even worse as one can’t make head or tails of the story. Yes, it is that rare series out there where the online advantage too doesn’t come to its help.

Other Artists?

Snehal Kamat as Shailaja seems to be part of the gang only for shock value and female perspective. The latter is to show how a girl is part of the boy’s group who are addicted to ‘Ganja’. But, the director doesn’t stop it there as he adds some extra superficial details to it as well. In the end, neither the performance nor the layer, bring anything special to the table.

There are several artists besides the lead, but the makers haven’t made clear who plays whom. Hopefully, details like these are taken care of in the future. So we go with the screens names. The most critical of all parts is Parvateesam. Its character graph is the best of the lot on paper, but as usual, the execution is below par. We have already mentioned about the Dhanunjay track. Another key member is Rami Reddy, who is a joke for the part taken to play. Mohan Rao looks neat, but he has less screen time. The rest like Sandeep and others vary from passable to bland.

Kailasapuram Web Series Review, Zee5 Kailasapuram TV Series (Show) Review, Ratings

Music and Other Departments?

Naren RK Siddhartha’s music is decent when compared to the rest of the technical department’s work. It, of course, feels a lot repetitive and is heavily inspired by the House Of Cards opening theme. Sekhar Boon’s cinematography is below par. It is on short film level. Maybe that was the intention in the first place looking at everything else. Yuva Kiran’s editing is poor and also majorly responsible for the way the final output has turned out. Bhargav Macharla, Prasanth Ragathi, Chanakya Jilla are the writing team. Together they have come up with a half-baked work with superficial characters.


Basic ‘On-paper’ Story


Poor Making
Technically Weak
Muddled Narrative
Overall Acting

Did I Enjoy It?


Will You Recommend It?


Kailasapuram Review by Siddartha Toleti

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