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Pele Review – Watch If You Are A Fan Of The Legend

By Binged Siddartha Toleti - April 7, 2019 @ 9:41 pm
Binged Rating2.5/5


Bottom Line: Cliché Ridden Sports Biopic

Rating: 2.5/5

Platform: Netflix Genre: Sports

What is the Story about?

The rise of iconic footballer Pele from the slums of Brazil to winning the first World Cup for the nation much-needed as Pele – Birth of A Legend.

How is Jacob Elordi’s performance?

Pele-Netflix-Review-RatingsKevin De Paula and Leonardo Lima Carvalho play Pele at different ages. The former is the slightly older self, whereas the latter is the younger one. There is a natural connection with the older Pele act of Kevin De Paula as it has more maturity and sports part compared to the acting by Leonardo as it appears a bit childish. The pain isn’t adequately convinced and the cliché moments feel like an additional burden to carry for the youngster.

Direction By Jeff Zimbalist and Michael Zimbalist?

Jeff Zimbalist and Michael Zimbalist have directed Pele. It is a biography of a legendary sportsman, whose history has been widely known to the football lovers all over the world. Pele, therefore, comes across as hagiography painted with realistic and cliché brush.

The movie begins showing the utter poor background of Pele where he grew up. The conflict that drives the narrative here feels highly derivate and lacks the uniqueness to stand out among countless such sports dramas or even biopics.

Pele-Netflix--Review-RatingsPele’s biggest problem is the journey doesn’t feel special. With a few tweaks, it could be any other person’s story and the overall effect wouldn’t have changed. The Ginga Style and the sporting moments had the scope to provide that much-needed freshness, but even they are handled in a formulaic manner that can be anticipated well in advance.

At the end of Pele, we know nothing new about that man that is already not known. On top of that, the very conventional and predictable narrative adopted by the makers further lessens out interest in the proceedings. Still, the core sports moments click and that is the highlight of the movie along with few predictable but lovely touches emotionally. It makes Pele a one-time watch if you love the sport and don’t know anything about the legend.

Joey King and others?

The casting of the movie is excellent as it is filled with good actors who do their parts with all the sincerity. Sue Jorge and Mariana Nunes are superb as the parents of Pele. In fact, they hold the narrative together initially when the younger episodes of Pele occur. Vincent D’Onofrio is reliable as usual. He is a fantastic actor but feels repetitive a bit as can be noticed in Pele. The anger, high pitched drama reminds of his past acts in similar space even though the character here is different. Milton Goncalves is useful in the small role he plays. He brings warmness to proceedings with his mere appearance itself. The rest which includes footballers and some child artists are okay. A couple of them do stand out due to their presence on screen.

Music and other departments?

AR Rahman has provided the music for the biopic of Pele. He tries his best to bring a unique feel, but ultimately it falls flat as the attempt here is to fit into an already existing mould. The parts that stand out are the unique AR Rahman sounds that are not the typical Hollywood variety. The cinematography by Mathew Libatique is neat. The energy in the Football sequences is captured well. Glen Scantlebury, Naomi Geraghty, and Luis Carballar handle the editing. There is an unevenness in the narrative which could be attributed to the multiple editors on the job. The directors, Jeff and Michael Zimbalist, handle the writing as well. It is okay overall as there few good parts, but most of it gives a dejavu feeling.


The Ginga Style Arc

Football Moments

Winning Moment


Predictable Narration
Clichéd Drama

Did I enjoy it?

Yes in parts

Will you recommend it?

Yes but with reservation

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