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Time to Hunt Review – Supremely Crafted And Acted, But Ultimately A Predictable Thriller

By Binged Siddartha Toleti - April 25, 2020 @ 4:57 pm
Binged Rating2.5/5
Time to Hunt Netflix Review

BOTTOM LINE: Supremely Crafted And Acted, But Ultimately A Predictable Thriller

Rating: 2.5/5

Skin and swear: No Skin Show, But High Dose Of Gun Violence 

Platform: Netflix Genre: Crime


What Is the Story About?

Three amateurs plan to rob a casino and execute it successfully. What happens when a hitman is on their trail and will stop at nothing except killing them?

Time to Hunt Netflix Review


Lee Je-Hoon playing the key conspirator of the gang of three is terrific. It doesn’t start that way, but as the movie progresses, the act gets better. The best, within the requirement of the subject, comes at the ending parts.

The gradual growth in the intensity goes along with the character arc and can’t be missed. The way it is designed is neat and Lee Je-Hoon enacts it competently.


Time To Hunt is a simple story set in the heist genre. It follows the basics. Director Yoon Sung-Hyun has done a great job in getting the tension and intensity right throughout and especially during the crucial moments.

As said above, the story is pretty simple. In fact, that actual heist or robbery might come across as too simple to take it seriously. However, the proceedings, before and after the theft, is where the critical focus of the movie. In a way, it feels like a modern-day adaptation of Hollywood classic Charley Varrick. A hitman on the trail of robbers is just too close to call it an inspiration actually.

What makes one engrossed on the narrative, more than the actual story is the setting, mood, performances and direction. The dystopian South Korea is captured brilliantly. The cinematography makes one watch at visuals alone even if one feels bored with the proceedings. It is the case initially, too. The director successfully manages to get a gripping narrative going on forTime to Hunt Netflix Review

 a maximum part. If not for this aspect, there are a few key moments, one in particular at the halfway mark, where the interest to continue could be lost instantly. After all, the core-story progress ends at that point. However, it is only at that point; the importance of the tedious opening portions is felt.  When it is tied with the nature of hit man, the overall theme of the movie comes to fore. However, the more significant theme is where the movie bores. The narrative is dull and extremely slow. The conversations and scenes are routine and predictable. The end, especially, loses momentum and feels a total drag, as a result.

Overall, for a heist thriller, Time To Hunt has enough slickly-executed thrilling moments. It is highly predictable and overstays its welcome, though.

Other Artists?

Jee Je-hoon is one of the three principal characters. Ahn Jae-hong and Choi Woo-Shik are the two other actors who form the trio. All three have done a fabulous job with emoting. Together they create an excellent friendly bond. It is also one of the factors to be hooked to the narrative. Park Hae-soo puts on a menacing show with ease and minimal talk. The rest of the artists have much smaller parts, but they all do their bits sincerely.

Music and Other Departments?

Technically the movie is fantastic with excellent work in the background scoreTime to Hunt Netflix Review, cinematography and art. The BGM is highly effective in intensifying the thrilling experience. It also sets the adrenaline rushing tempo at the vital moments. The visuals are brilliant with a proper mixture of past and futuristic elements. There seems to be a generous dose of inspiration from Hollywood flick Blade Runner (old and new). The editing could have been sharper and ruthless by removing some unnecessarily dragged parts. The writing is par for the course.



Background Score

Thrilling Moments


Routine Parts

Predictable Story


Ending (The Very Last Bits)

Did I Enjoy It?


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Review by Siddartha Toleti

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