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A Babysitter's Guide To Monster Hunting

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Oh! The Halloween month just got more interesting as Netflix is bringing the new fantasy comedy movie titled ‘A Babysitter’s Guide To Monster Hunting‘. The movie is an official adaptation of the novel of the same name by Joe Ballarini. While the movie is directed by Rachel Talalay, and is produced by Ivan Reitman and Amie Karp.


The movie focuses on a teenage high school girl named Kelly Ferguson who goes on a babysitting job at the night of Halloween. She is in care for Jacob who tells her that he has been having dreams where people come out of fishe tanks and attacks him. To this Kelly argues that she too has nightmares but there are no such things as monster. Soon after Jacob sleeps, he is abducted by the Boogeyman also known as The Grand Guignol, right in front of Kelly. She then meets up with the International Secret Society of Babysitters who protect kids with special powers from monsters. They team up together to protect Jacob in any cost and bring him back before his mother arrives at home.


Tom Felton, Indya Moore, Oona Laurence, Tamara Smart, Troy Leigh-Ann Johnson, Ty Consiglio, Lynn Masako Cheng and others.

Netflix has released an official trailer recently which has been giving people nostalgic vibes. The movie brilliantly captures childhood fantasies of monsters and aliens and brings with it a fun ride full of adventures.

A Babysitter’s Guide To Monster Hunting will be releasing on Netflix on October 15th 2020.

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