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Ardha Shatabdham (2021)

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Telugu film, Ardhashathabdham starring Karthik Ratnam, Krishna Priya, and Naveen Chandra is the latest film to skip its theatrical release. Ardha Shathabdham Telugu film is streaming on Aha Video. Ardha Shathabdham Telugu movie streaming on Aha Video from March 26th. Watch Ardha Shathabdham with English Subtitles on Aha Video

Ardha Shathabdham is a cinematic journey of revolution, love, and fury, the makers claim. Naveen Chandra who appeared in two direct to OTT releases like Bhanumathi Ramakrishna and Super Over (Both on Aha Video) will be seen in a crucial role.

Ardha Shathabdham is directed by Rawindra Pulle. Sai Kumar and Suhas are seen in other important roles. Ardha Shathabdham has music composed by Rawfal Raja AIS

Starring: Karthik Ratnam, Krishna Priya, Naveen Chandra, and others.
Directed by Rawindra Pulle

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Ardhashathabdham - Online Watch

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