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Bliss, English movie is streaming online, watch on Amazon Prime Video with English subtitles, release date 5th February

Bliss is a science fiction film that centres on a lonely, middle-aged man Greg (Owen Wilson) whose life is in a mess.

Greg gets a recurrent day-dream in which he sees the same beautiful woman every time. He makes sketches of the woman from his dreamy memory. One day, he chances upon the woman in real life and realises that it was not a dream. The woman calls herself Isabel (Salma Hayek), and tries to convince Greg that all this while his office is actually a simulated world that she herself has helped create.

As Greg is pulled deeper into the make-believe vortex, things turn troubling and chaotic. Mayhem ensues as Greg tries to get his grip back on reality. Will he be able to break free of the hold Isabel and the weird virtual world has over him?

Starring Salma Hayek, Owen Wilson, Madeline Zima, Nesta Cooper, Joshua Leonard

Written and Directed by Mike Cahill

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Bliss Movie Streaming Online



05 Feb 2021

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