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Churails (2020)

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Churails Hindi Web Series Is Streaming Online Watch on ZEE5 With English Subtitles, Release Date 11th August 2020 Churails is a Hindi language thriller drama, made under the ZEE5 brand, Zindagi. It is a show commissioned by ZEE5 from well-known Pakistani writer-director, Asim Abbasi. Churails revolves around four Pakistani women who run an all-women detective agency. The women start off by lifting the lid off the infidelities of high society men, thus saving their women from disloyal husbands and dysfunctional marriages. Soon, the four women become female vigilantes of sorts, solving various problematic issues of a deeply patriarchal society, such as child marriages, sex abuse, domestic violence and so on. They become the saviors of women who face repression, harassment and ill-treatment at the hands of their families and society at large. Though Pakistani in origin, Churails casts an irreverent look at the ills that beset the traditional social setup in most Asian countries, including India. Starring Sarwat Gilani Mirza, Nimra Bucha, Mehar Bano and Yasra Rizvi Directed by Asim Abbasi

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Web Series Streaming Online Watch on Zee5

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