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Disco-Raja-Telugu-Movie-Streaming-on-Netflix,-Sun-Nxt--Release-Date-24th-MarchDisco Raja is a Telugu language sci-fi action-entertainer starring Ravi Teja. Vi Anand directs the movie which released on January 25th to mixed reviews. A body is found in a frozen state in the mountains of Ladakh. The scientists bring him back to life through an on-going experiment. However, he has no memories. Meanwhile, in Delhi, the search is going on for missing Vasu (Ravi Teja). With the progression of days, Parineeti develops sympathy for the revived person in the laboratory and tries to make him remember his past. Music plays a vital role here. She inadvertently becomes a reason for his escape as he starts to remember parts of his past. Somewhere in Chennai, the local Don Burma Sethu is shocked when a viral video of Vasu grabs his attention. He immediately sends his men to pick him up. When they reach Delhi, they get the shock of their lives during a fight. What happens when the Burma Sethu men catch hold of Vasu? Who is Disco Raja? How the various dots are connected is the basic story of the film. Nabha Natesh and Payal Rajput played the female leads in the movie. Bobby Simha, Sunil, Ajay, Vennela Kishore, Tanya Hope and others were seen in crucial supporting parts. S Thaman provided chartbuster music. Ram Talluri produced the movie on SRT Entertainments banner. https://youtu.be/90OUq_i7JJY



Disco Raja