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Gandhi Fer Aa Gea (2020)

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Gandhi Fer Aa Gea is a 2020 Punjabi language film in the action genre. Gandhi (Arya Babbar) returns to his village in Punjab after spending 10 years behind bars. He was sentenced to prison at the age of 17, for killing five men who had been harassing his sister (Neha Malik). He returns to his village and finds that it is beset with gang wars, drugs, political goondaism, suppression of the poor and other vices. He vows to get his village rid of the ills that are rampant. He works as the sarpanch of his village, bringing peace and freedom from gang wars to the villagers. He fights for the rights of suppressed women, the downtrodden, and those who are harassed by the political system. He also has to put his evil, opportunistic uncle in his place. The movie is full of high octane action scenes, stunts and choreographed fights. It is the perfect movie for an action junkie. Starring Aarya Babbar, Neha Malik, Tinu Verma, Harpal Singh and Sunakshi Sharma Directed by Kinder Singh https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U6lY6uua99s

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