Gone Kesh

Watch on:  23 May 2020
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Gone Kesh - Amazon-Prime-Video-Gone Kesh is a Hindi comedy-drama starring Shwetha Tripathi in the lead. The movie opened with positive reviews when it arrived in cinemas on March 29th, 2019. It is streaming now on Amazon Prime Video.

Gone Kesh is set in a small town within a typical middle-class family set up. Enakshi Dasgupta is a teen girl who is grown up with a fixed notion of beauty in her mind. When such a girl is diagnosed with Alopecia, a condition that accelerates hair downfall rapidly, life takes a dramatic turn for everyone.

The self-esteem and confidence of Enakshi Dasgupta take a beating with the increasing loss of hair. The parents are worried that she might not get the right husband with baldness problem. They do everything in their capacity to tackle the problem.

How Enakshi rises above the problem and overcomes the social stigmas and prejudice forms the core narrative. The subplots include a love story and dance told in a hilarious fashion with little drama sprinkled around.

Qasim Khallow writes and directs the movie. It is his debut project. Jitendra Kumar, Vipin Sharma, Deepika Amin, and Brijendra Kala play the supporting parts. Dhiraj Ghosh produces the flick on Dhirendra Nath Ghosh Films. Eros International distributed the dramedy.

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  1. Gone Kesh is a charming small-town film elevated by the writing and casting. The family emotions and uplifting feeling surrounding the baldness theme makes it a breezy and comfortable one time watch digitally.


Gone Kesh