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Hacked - Zee5

Hacked (2020)

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Hacked is a thriller drama, based on the concept of computer hacking. Sam (Hina Khan) works for a magazine, and has a boyfriend (Sid Makkar) who doesn’t care for her much. Her neighbour Vivek (Rohan Shah) is a young 19-year old boy who has a crush on her. One fateful night, Sam makes love with Vivek in a drunken state. She regrets her act the next morning and warns Vivek to stay out of her life.Vivek sets out to destroy Sam’s life by installing bugs in Sam’s home and hacking into her office and home computers, and making life hell for her. How Sam deals with the hacker forms the rest of the story. Starring Hina Khan, Rohan Shah, Mohit Malhotra and Sid Makkar. Directed by Vikram Bhatt https://youtu.be/n1VWeLcTmmA

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Hacked - Zee5

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