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Matkiphod (2021)

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Matkiphod, a Hindi series is streaming online, watch on Gemplex, streaming on 16th February.

Matkiphod is a story that revolves around a note, ambition, and a don.

Matkiphod is another Gemplex original series that sheds light on a common man’s ambition to achieve something in his life even though it may not be the most significant thing in the world. Matkiphod is the story of Chitu Singh who wants to create his own Matkiphod competition but meets staunch opposition from Rao Saheb who has been doing it for a long time now. The Matkiphod here stands as a symbol of status and power. Matkiphod also tells us the story of a note that can change the fortune of many people and a chance encounter that can change fates if used properly.

Starring: Anurag Thakur, Bhavesh Bakshi, Soumya Vyas, Aditya Singh, Lalit Chowdhary, Muskan Madhwani

Directed By: Moin Khan.

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