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Tasher Ghawr Movie Streaming Online Watch on Hoichoi

Tasher Ghawr (2020)

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Tasher Ghawr Bengali Movie Is Streaming Online Watch on Hoichoi TV, Release Date 3rd September 2020 Tasher Ghawr is a Bengali language film, shot completely in the Covid-19 induced lockdown. It centres on a young housewife whose world turns upside down due to the Coronavirus shutdown and enforced stay at home measures to contain the virus. The protagonist Sujata is used to staying home alone after her husband has left for work. She enjoys her solitude and even craves it. So when her husband is compelled to work from home due to the lockdown, she has to reluctantly give up her solitude. She hates sharing her space with her husband, sometimes even spending time in the washroom to get some time alone. Her home is her haven and she delights in the scores of small chores that she does in her home. But confined within that enclosed brick and mortar spaces with her husband for an extended period of time, that same haven starts seeming like hell to her. Tasher Ghawr is a slow, soft movie that, through the eyes of simple home-loving housewife Sujata, takes into account the ordinary lives of the middle class and how they are affected by the enforced stay at home in the lockdown. Starring: Swastika Mukherjee Directed by Sudipto Roy Written by Sahana Dutta

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