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Crunchyroll’s ‘Burning Kabaddi’: An Anime Tailor-Made For Indians

By Binged Binged Bureau - May 3, 2021 @ 9:07 pm

Crunchyroll's 'Burning Kabaddi': An Anime Tailor-Made For IndiansWell not exactly. But still, it is definitely a start.

Crunchyroll‘s latest acquisition, the animated web series, ‘Burning Kabaddi‘ has dropped 5 episodes and it has exceeded expectations so far. This brilliant sports series which is revolved around arguably one of the biggest sports in our country is quite exceptional and entertaining. Of course, it is a shonen series, meaning that it is aimed at young teenage boys, so men of all ages will usually be interested in it as well. Which has been the case for most shonen series over the years.

For the past 10 or so years, Japan has been releasing an absurd amount of manga and anime revolved around sports – high school sports in general. Of course, there have been popular (and good) sports anime released in the past (‘Slam Dunk’ and ‘Initial D’), but the sheer amount of (good) sports anime that have been releasing over the past decade has been ridiculous. The current sports anime have also been known for its brilliant depiction of actual game accuracy, tactics, game feel and/ or storyline such as ‘Haikyuu’ and ‘Ace Of The Diamond’. This makes us extremely excited to watch ‘Burning Kabaddi’.

Japanese shonen sports manga have translated well into their real-life national sports leagues, with the currently popular ‘Haikyuu’ helped in reviving the dying sport of high school volleyball and making it bigger than ever before. Kabaddi got a resurgence in India after the introduction of ‘The Pro Kabaddi League’ and we expect this anime to help young boys and girls (from India) to get into the sports even more. Visual entertainment is a very good way to get into something and ‘Burning Kabaddi’, if advertised right, can have a huge and positive on our youth.

The anime web series follows Yoigoshi Tatsuya, a former star soccer player, nicknamed “Yoigoshi the Unstoppable”. However, after entering high school, he severed all involvement with sports. But as per high school requirements, he is required to join up a club and since he was a well-known soccer player, he has been told to join a sports club. After checking out a Kabaddi practice game, he decides to join the high school’s Kabaddi sports club.

‘Burning Kabaddi’ AKA ‘Shakunetsu Kabadi’ released in Japanese TV networks and on Crunchyroll on April 3rd 2021. There are five episodes currently available for streaming. The first season will have 12 episodes in total and the final episode will drop on June 29th 2021.