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Throwback to a 48-Year-Old Film Anubhav That’s Immensely Relevant Now!

By Srivathsan Nadadhur - January 4, 2020 @ 7:53 pm

Throwback to a 48-Year-Old Film Anubhav That's Immensely Relevant Now!Amid a gamut of discussions among streaming enthusiasts about which latest mainstream movie has made it to OTT platforms, it’s fascinating to see how well MUBI is still able to carve its niche in the Indian market. Among the many yesteryear gems it’s trying to reintroduce to Indian viewers, the latest one is Anubhav, the 1971 release featuring Sanjeev Kumar and Tanuja in lead roles.

The film is noteworthy, not merely because ‘old is gold’ but to remind us of the fact that a storyteller (Basu Bhattacharya) could foresee such a conflict within a family as early as 1971. Anubhav discusses the need to find the right balance between personal and professional lives beside a man’s insecurity about dealing with his better half’s past. The female protagonist in the film too talks of times when no-decision in her life was left for her to make.

Servants in the film have conversations that we often hear today, about people staying in the same apartment not being able to recognize each other and homes becoming more like hotels where there’s little time to do anything in life beyond work.

Though the film has a happily-ever-after kinda ending, it presents you enough number of questions to reflect on the quality of your daily life. Remarkable performances from A K Hangal, Tanuja, and Sanjeev Kumar embellish this delicate relationship drama that Binged.com would like to recommend to its viewers.

(Anubhav can be watched on ShemarooMe and MUBI)

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