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12 Best Shows Of All Time!

By Binged Binged Bureau - June 27, 2020 @ 9:13 pm

Top Ten Facts about Netflix’s Dark That’ll Shock You!Have you watched these must watch shows yet? Bet you won’t be able to stop yourself from binge-watching them –

There are innumerable shows available on various OTT platforms but when it comes to choosing what to watch we often get pretty confused. This here is a list (not all inclusive) of shows that have been and still are talk of the town. Some have completed their series while some still have seasons coming up. One common thread among them is that they will keep you glued to the screen until you have finished watching them.

1) Prison Break –

If you are looking to watch something intriguing this show on Disney+ Hotstar is worth the shot. The show is about the brilliance of an architect Micheal Scofield (Wentworth Miller) who gets arrested to get his brother Lincoln Burrows (Dominic Purcell) released from the prison he designed himself.

2) Breaking bad –

This show is an artistic masterpiece. This golden globe award winning crime drama series created and directed by Vince Gilligan is about how a teacher, Walter White (Bryan Cranston) with humble background turns towards a dangerous profession and partners with one of his old students Jesse Pinkman (Aaron Paul), to be able to pay for his illness and for the family’s future. This show currently streams on Netflix.

3) Game of thrones –

Created by David Benioff and D. B. Weiss this fantasy drama will take you to the seven kingdoms of Westeros and their quest to attain the iron throne. This show has been made magnificently and the different story arcs will keep you involved all the time. Currently streaming on Disney+ Hotstar.

4) Narcos –

A crime drama series based on drug lord Pablo Escobar (Wagner Moura) and how he became rich through his drug business. Well crafted and executed it is a gripping one for crime show lovers. This shoe is available on Netflix.

5) Dark –

A convoluted series about time which will get you hinged to it as it progresses. The best part of this show streaming on Netflix is its complexity at all levels. This fantasy mystery thriller will leave you craving for more and more.

6) Sherlock –

Based on Sir Arthur Canon Doyle’s novel this award winning show on Netflix is the story of how a consulting detective Sherlock Holmes (Benedict Cumberbatch) , with an eccentric yet super intelligent personality, solves cases along with his partner Dr. John H. Watson (Martin Freeman). The way he deduces facts from things happening around will leave you in awe.

7) House of cards –

Have you ever thought how manipulative and hungry for power one can be? We guess not more than Francis J. Underwood (Kevin Spacey) . In House Of Cards (on Netflix) he takes you on his journey to attain supreme power removing all possible hurdles that come his way in any and every way possible.

8) Fleabag –

This dark comedy drama available on Amazon Prime Video is about an unfiltered women known as Fleabag (Phoebe Waller-Bridge), who is dry-witted, sexual, angry, grief-riddled and is many a times surrounded by chaos. This Emmy award winner series is a must watch.

9) Money heist –

This series on Netflix is probably one of the most talked about series of the lockdown period during which the fourth season of the show was launched. Its the story of Professor (Álvaro Morte) who is the mastermind behind the heists. How he plans the heists immaculately is par excellence. This drama will let you explore all the emotions.

10) Suits –

A legal drama on Netflix where Harvey Spector (Gabriel Macht) hires Mike Ross (Patrick J. Adams), a young brilliant college dropout, as his associate. By doing so he goes against his firm’s policies but they work together like a well oiled machinery, hiding the truth simultaneously. The quirky references to movies is a fun bit to watch out for.

11) The 100 –

This series developed by Jason Rothenberg is a based on post apocalypse scenario. It’s a story about how 100 juvenile delinquents survive on nuclear destructed earth after coming back 97 years later. Currently streaming on Netflix.

12) Lost –

Revolving around the survivors of a plane crash who struggle to stay alive on a stranded island only to find out they are not alone. This show, on Netflix, is so much more than just survival as the drama unfolds.

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