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Between Worlds Review – Try Self-immolation Instead

By Binged Siddartha Toleti - April 21, 2019 @ 9:03 pm
Binged Rating0.5/5


BOTTOM LINE: Try Self-immolation Instead

Rating: 0.5/5

Platform Netflix Genre Thriller

What is the Story about?

Joe (Nicolas Cage) accidentally meets Julie (Franka Potente) when she is performing a spiritual exit, a superpower she possesses due to an accident in childhood. What happens when Julie’s daughter Billie (Penelope Mitchell) suffers an accident and Julie uses her power to save her? How is Joe affected in the whole process is what the movie is all about?


Between-Worlds-ReviewNicolas Cage who is making a livelihood by doing extremely low budget crazy films with crazy themes is seen doing another such flick with a sincere-looking act. He has degenerated a lot, and that can be seen in many movies and looks, but at some points in the film, he sure gets connected and try to give a sincere façade to the whole thing. Take the scenes where he reminiscent’s his dead daughter. Besides those, there is nothing to talk about.


Maria Pulers’s direction is disastrous. She also provides the screenplay which is also a mess. The combination of inept direction and shoddy screenplay results in an impalpable messy outing that makes one’s head spin in delirium.

The movie is short, if one needs any positive, here is the only one, besides that there is nothing to talk about. The way the movie opens itself is enough to lose interest. Even short filmmakers execute a film in a better way than what is on display. The acting is atrocious, to say the least.

Some of the basics too have been handled poorly which makes one think if anyone was even interested in making the movie. Maybe everyone was in for paycheck only, and none cared about the film. It had a preposterous setup, but that ultimately led to a few engaging moments, on paper, in the end. However, as we mention continuously, the direction is terrible. There are scenes involving gun shooting; for example, the amateurishness on display is beyond belief. If one can’t get those critical moments right what can we expect from anything else?

Between-Worlds-Review--ry-Self-immolation-InsteadFinally, all we have got to say is that Between Worlds is a terrible film that people won’t remember at all. Some might find its atrociousness and absurd premise to be ‘too-bad-that-it-is-good’ variety to make fun of it. But beyond that, there is nothing in it.

Others Artists?

Only two other actors besides Nicolas Cage and Franka Potenta have something to mention. They are Penelope Mitchell and Garett Clayton. The former’s beauty has been utilised well whereas the later comes only during the final with nothing to really say. The rest are bit and pieces of roles that make no impression.

Music and other departments?

Jason Solowsky’s music is laborious and going in tune with the final product. When nothing is happening on the screen to give relief, the music director makes sure to inflict the pain with the background score. Thomas Hencz makes one feel that the cinematography is non-existent. It is as if a kindergarten boy has been handled the camera with necessary details and he is having fun with all the features. The editing is weak, and a sense of narrative is never felt. The dialogues are hilarious, unintentionally as one can expect.


The Ending


From The Beginning To The Ending

Will you recommend it?


Between Worlds Review by Siddartha Toleti

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