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Buchinaidu Kandriga Review – A Routine And Bland Love Story

By Binged Binged Bureau - August 21, 2020 @ 7:54 am
Binged Rating1.5/5

Buchinaidu Kandriga Movie Review

BOTTOM LINE: A Routine And Bland Love Story

Rating: 1.5/5

Skin N Swear: No Vulgarity And Mild Language

Platform: Aha Video Genre: Drama

What Is the Story About?

Balu (Munna) and Swapna (Drishika Chander) are neighbours since childhood. They fall in love as time passes. Veeraswamy (Ravi Varma), the father of Swapna is a caste fanatic. What happens when he knows about the love of his daughter? What did he do to safeguard his honour in the village is the basic story of the film?


Munna playing the lead role of Balu is raw and looks apt for the various shades of the character. In a young age, he reminds one of Sumanth from Prema Katha. In fact, his voice gives the same vibe throughout, but Munna lacks the spark senior actor had in his debut.

As said, the get-ups are where Munna scores and it manages to cover decently the weak acting and expressions. The younger portions especially are very hard to watch due to the additional awkwardness built in the character. It is only briefly when the character of Munna returns from studies is where it shines. Apart from that, there are a couple of moments during the pre-climax, which feels decent. But, even here nothing is memorable to stand out, they are just better than the rest.



Poluru Krishna writes and directs Buchinaidu Kandriga Thurpu Veedhi. It is a very routine and predictable love story. Such films require other departments including the chemistry between the leads to be outstanding. Unfortunately, that doesn’t happen.

The opening of the film, in the hindsight, gives away what the movie is going to be all about. It sets up the movie well and interest is created. However, as soon as we move to the flashback and the love story whatever little interest that is created is lost.

The reason is weak writing, poor action and screenplay. The proceedings drag. The predictable story and lack of fresh humour (like Raja Vaaru Rani Garu, for example) make things worst. One simply feels like skipping everything as nothing appealing happens. The bland writing and chemistry between the lead get the major blame.

Once again, the interval creates a little interest, but it is again lost when the narrative gets back to love story. After Tholi Prema (1998) in the first half, we enter to the Sairat territory. Of course, the latter is where the movie was heading all along. This predictability further mars the proceedings.

It is only towards the last half an hour (involving hero’s parents, especially the father) that Buchinaidu Kandriga offers a semblance of originality. Here too the inspiration is obvious, but at least we get something that is off the beaten and routine path, although it is only a momentarily happening. The climax is decent, but the whole thing doesn’t look confidently executed.  The screenplay lacks the smoothness and we get an abrupt sort of feeling.

Overall, Buchinaidu Kandriga offers nothing new barring a twist in the climax. There is an air of a genuine attempt throughout, but the clichéd and routine content without much engagement dampens the efforts. With absolutely no expectations (and the availability of fast-forward option) one can give it a go for the last half an hour.

Other Artists?

Drishika Chander is similar to Munna in that she is also fine for the part looks-wise. The naïve worldview and traces of spoilt brat can be felt without much of acting. But, when you have a similar male co-star, it gets impossible to generate chemistry with their limited ‘acting’ capabilities.

Ravi Varma as the father of the heroine is alright. He is given the typical head of the family who would any extent for honour kind of character. He does it well, but it could have been much more with a better character sketch. Subba Rao is also good in his role as the father of the hero. In fact, he stands out of the whole movie due to the characterization. The rest are okay in their parts which are very routine in nature.

Music and Other Departments?

The music by Mihiraamsh follows the cues of the love story we see usually in this space. however, it fails to bring that haunting quality to the narrative which helps in elevating the proceedings. The cinematography is a mixed bag. There are some decent blocks, but overall, the movie gives a short film vibe. The editing is another aspect which lets down the film. The seamless flow is missing from the start. The writing is as bland as they come. It is where Buchinaidu Kandriga fails primarily.


The Father Track

Parts Of Final Half An Hour

An air of Innocence And Honesty



Bland Chemistry Between Leads


First Hour

Did I Enjoy It?


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