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Geetha Subramanyam Review – A Hollow New-Age Romance

By Binged Siddartha Toleti - January 31, 2020 @ 6:50 pm
Binged Rating 3.5/10

Geetha- Subramanyam - Telugu Web Series Review


A Hollow New-Age Romance

Platform: Aha Genre: Romance

What Is the Story About?

Geetha (Nakshatra) and Subramanyam (Karthikk) stay together in a live-in relationship. Their fights and day to day activities make up the basic story of the series.


Karthikk as Subramanyam gives an average Joe kind of vibe. There is an ease in body language, and that is the only positive to talk about. His presence in the series seems like a party outing. There is zero charisma or acting talent involved. Even small satires are also not done correctly. Luckily, there are no dramatic moments to flex the facial muscles.

Geetha- Subramanyam - Telugu Web Series Review


Siva Sai has a wafer-thin plot in his hand. It is about a couple in a live-in relationship rediscovering their love. At least that is what one gets in the end based on how it ends. It means the emphasis on the chemistry between the leads and the writing has to hit the bull’s eye.

Unfortunately, Siva Sai fails to get it right on the actual content. The acting and the writing are both lazy and superficial. Things are apparent within the first few minutes of the scenes in the live-in relationship. The cutesy bits come across as childish. The lovey-dovey impression that is supposed to happen never occurs.

Most of the episodes feel hollow with no content in them. What works intermittently are a few gags. For example, the one related to the boss at the FM station or the one where the friends come together for a party. Apart from a few silly laughs like that, there is nothing in the series until the last episode.

The ending is neat, though. It is only so compared to the rest where nothing much happens. The undercurrent message of moving on and rediscovering love is superb. But, the execution is not up to the mark.

There is a formulaic approach to the whole things, which is also a major bummer. The fact that we can’t remember many scenes besides the few funny gags should make it clear what is in store?

In the end, Geetha Subrahmanyam 2020 is a wannabe modern trendy romantic comedy that has very little going for it. The idea is right, but a misfire nonetheless.

Other Artists?

Nakshatra is much better in comparison to the hero Krthikk. She has a charm and bubbly vibe that is perfect for the terrain. Of course, she too is no great shakes when it comes to acting, but Nakshatra has enough of a presence to navigate through the narrative without testing the patience.

The rest of the artists have bits and pieces roles. They make a mark in a scene or two which are mostly part of a gag. If one leaves aside them, there is nothing left to talk about them.

Geetha- Subramanyam - Telugu Web Series Review

Music and Other Departments?

The music over is template driven. It consists of predictable sounds and effects that are typical for the rom-com space. The cinematography is decent, considering the overall scope of the project. The editing is alright. Much tighter editing would reduce the content further into half. The writing is the weakest part of the whole effort. There is no depth at all.


Few Funny Gags
Short Runtime


Tacky Lead Pair Chemistry

Did I Enjoy It?


Will You Recommend It?


Geetha Subramanyam Review by Siddartha Toleti

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