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Johaar Review – A Very Honest Attempt That Is Tiring And Boring Watch

By Binged Binged Bureau - August 14, 2020 @ 5:05 pm
Binged Rating2.25/5

Johaar Review | Johaar Movie Review | Johaar AhaVideo Review

Johaar Movie ReviewBOTTOM LINE:A Very Honest Attempt That Is Tiring And Boring Watch

Rating: 2.25

Skin And Swear: None (Implied in Parts)

Platform: AhaVideo Genre: Drama

Johaar Aha -Video telugu Movie ReviewWhat Is the Story About?

When Achyuth Ramayya (Chalapathi Rao) is deceased as the Chief Minister, his son takes his place. He promises to make the tallest statue in the world, for his father, as a tribute and gain a wave of sympathy among the people, through it.

How the act of CM (to make a statue) impact the lives of five different ordinary citizens and where it leads them in the crux of the story of the film.


Easwari Rao, Naina Ganguly, Esther, Subhalekha Sudhakar, Ankitt Koyya and Chaitanya Krishna etc. play different roles. They all have come with real, sincere and believable acts set in different backgrounds. They all get moments as part of the story that is sure to tug the hearts. Among them all, Chaitanya Krishna appears the weakest link and looks lost at times. Rohini, appearing towards the end is fine.

Johaar AhaVideo Movie Review

Your heart goes out, looking at the plight of each and every character. The actors do a decent job of going with the flow and portraying the raw emotions. At times the reality gives way to amateurishness due to the inexperience of the artists. But, the seniors like Easwari Rao and Subhalekha Sudhakar show how it is done.


Teja Marni directs Johaar which deals with an important political point. The usage of welfare schemes and the building of the brand, post-death to make a more prominent legend, an icon out of the politician, is all neat.

However, not much time is devoted to the core plot and what we get is five different stories instead. The narrative deals with how they are impacted by the decisions of a Chief Minister of the state. It is also okay, but the way it has been brought about in the narrative gives it a very predictable and old school vibe.

Johaar AhaVideo ReviewWhat shines throughout the narrative is the honesty and sincerity with which everyone has done their parts. No matter how routine or predictable, they go about their job all out with no half measured approach or lack of interest.

However, the stories itself are so done to death; they leave one bored. It is a difficult conundrum, and one feels for their plight, but at the same time, there is a sense of manipulative emotions given the predictability that is on offer. The lack of freshness or any twists to the usual tale makes it less interesting to watch. It goes that way, all the way towards the end.

Overall, Johaar is an honestly made drama but is a dull and tedious watch. Give it a try if you love to see some real and heart-wrenching drama even though utterly predictable.

Johaar Aha Video telugu Movie ReviewMusic and Other Departments?

The music by Priyadarshan Balasubrahmaniam is decent. It has a lovely feel to it. But, unfortunately, in the movie, it adds to the length and does nothing more. The background score too is not particularly enamouring. However, it serves the purpose in parts. The cinematography by Jagadeesh Cheekati could have been better considering the different locations and effort that has been put to tell the stories. The editing is alright. The writing by Vamshi follows a predictable path and comes across as ordinary. The ones involving politics are mainly amateur level.



Honest Making



Predictable Story

Dull Narration

Amateurish Political Drama

Johaar Aha Video Movie ReviewDid I Enjoy It?

Yes, in parts

Will You Recommend It?

Yes, but with huge reservations

Johaar Movie Review by Binged Bureau 

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