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Paurashpur Review – A Joke On The Audience

By Binged Binged Bureau - December 30, 2020 @ 8:24 am
Binged Rating2/10

Paurashpur Web Series Review BOTTOM LINE: A Joke On The Audience

Rating: 2 /10

Skin N Swear: Plenty Of Skin Show

Platform: , Zee5, ALT Balaji Genre: , Drama

Paurashpur - Alt Balaji ReviewWhat Is the Story About?

Paurashpur is a kingdom headed by Bhadra Pratap (Annu Kapoor). He is an old king who has sex on his mind. Under his leadership, Paurashpur has turned into a male-dominated patriarchal society where women are only seen as sex slaves. If anyone tries to be free or show independence, they are publicly executed.

Bhadra Pratap marries much younger girls than his age. However, somehow they manage to disappear from his palace mysteriously. Who is behind it, and what is the intention is what the series is all about?


Paurashpur is an over the top period drama set in a fictional India. The actors are chosen well for the respective parts. Among them, only Annu Kapoor shines. He hams to the hilt capturing the essence, and spirit of the show, which is utterly non-serious and preposterous. He is having fun doing all the wicked scenes.

Paurashpur - Milind Soman- ALTBalajiThe rest which includes names like Shilpa Shinde, Poulini Das and Shaheer Shaikh, Anantavijay Joshi etc. look clueless. They do go through the motions, but nothing comes across as genuine. More efforts are put on the looks rather than the characters, and it shows.

Milind Soman is given a unique part of a transgender person which generated some buzz. However, it doesn’t create an impact at all. The opening sequences itself makes it clear. We still expect something, but there is nothing.


Shachindra Vats directs Paurashpur, a fictional historical drama set in India. He is given a tough job to execute an outlandish and preposterous story.

Right from the opening few minutes, it is clear where Paurashpur is headed. The creativity seen through the virginity (vagina) lock, throws one off with its sheer repulsiveness. But, as we progress the realisation sets in that, it might be the only ‘creative’ aspect of the whole series.

Paurashpur - ZEE5 ReviewWhen the actual story begins, it also ends our enthusiasm to continue. It is not wrong to have a preposterous idea, but the thing is even it needs a believable execution. By that one means a degree of seriousness shown by everyone, and it gets reflected in the final outcome.

What we get instead in Paurashpur are cheap thrills. The set up and the story and creativity seems to be utilised to only further that titillation rather than provide an engaging narrative.

Paurashpur soon after its start gets into the ‘its-so-bad-that-it-is-fun’ zone. The sleazy content and the lazy dialogues and its delivery everything adds up. The unintentional fun is visible via the execution and the acting. However, soon we realise that the joke is on the audience, and that’s where all the interest is lost.

The narrative progress with some twists here and there which are admittedly unexpected. But, it doesn’t evoke any feeling at all. The whole thing flows without rhyme or purpose content-wise. It slows down when the sexual moments arrive.

If women empowerment and highlighting their spirit are the purpose of the series, the exploitation we see (of women) defeats the very ‘purpose’.

There is no redeeming factor story-wise from the start to the end. The execution makes it further weak. It is a show that should be erased instantly from one’s mind, but it seems there is more.  We shudder to think what lies ahead.

Overall, Paurashpur is a terrible series and an utterly forgettable affair. There nothing more to say.

Paurashpur - ZEE5 Series- ReviewMusic and Other Departments?

The music, in combination with the poor acting, gives the series an unintentional hilarious feeling. The background score generously uses the ‘Uttama villain’ classic themes. The ‘Guru’ piece at the end is the kind of usage that makes one think if the makers were even one-bit serious with the material, at all.

The positive aspects of the show are its lavish mounting. The effort seems to have gone into making the sets, costumes and other such superficial details. However, even here, they are overdone and gives a fake feeling. The editing could have been far better, more so since it’s by the director. The whole thing looks so rushed.  The writing is unintentionally hilarious in parts.



Lavish Making, In Parts




Rushed Narrative

Zero Emotional Connection


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