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The Man Without Gravity Review – Defines The Term Bland

By Binged Siddartha Toleti - November 25, 2019 @ 8:13 pm
Binged Rating1.75/5


BOTTOM LINE: Defines The Term Bland

Rating: 1.75/5

Platform: Netflix Genre: Drama

What Is the Story About?

The plot of the movie is the title itself. It is about a man who is born without gravity. It is as simple as that. What happens in his life is the story.


The-Man-Without-Gravity-Review---Defines-The---Term-BlandElio Germano playing the lead character goes through the motions. The lack of depth in the script shows in the act as there is nothing much to do. A sense of helplessness and sadness due to the condition is conveyed, but it doesn’t move beyond. It gets confusing as a viewer after one point, if it’s his acting that is making the proceedings dull or if it’s the reverse.


Marco Bonfanti has picked a peculiar subject. The basic premise is a fantasy one, but he has set it up in a realistic world. This choice drives the narrative forward in the most uninteresting fashion.

One can look at the movie as a biopic of a man with that unique situation. Different stages of life are stitched together a narrative using that condition as an internal conflict. It is Oscar’s struggle to fit into society.

However, the story progresses in the blandest and boring way as possible. The screenplay offers no surprise or twists. Whatever happens, is predictable, and goes on at a leisurely pace. If not for the actors and a few circumstances, the unique ability leads to; one would lose interest very soon.

The decent portions of the movie, besides the opening kid’s act, involve ‘The Man Without Gravity’ noticing his treatment as a special feature in a circus. The juxtaposition with a pink animal is too in the face. But as that is the point, and is done without over melodrama, it is okay. Similarly, parts of the romance leading to the realization of where his happiness lies, eventually, are alright. The Batman metaphor should have been better written into the core narrative.

There is supposed to be a feel-good happy ending towards the end, but we are only glad that the film has ended. It is never a good sign for any movie-watching experience.

Overall, The Man Without Gravity contains an interesting premise, but the film turns out to be the definition of a bland outing.

Other Artists?

The movie has very few characters that have a strong presence throughout. Only one has such a duration, and it is Michela Ciscon. She plays the protective mother to the lead protagonist with neat emotional turmoil. It is fine as long as it exists but ends abruptly.

Elena Cotta, Vincent Scarito, and Silvia D’Amico come at different stages in the life of The Man Without Gravity. Elena Cotta easily stands out with her stern grandmotherly act. It is, at the same time, caring and strict. The typical old women charm is also put to great use. Vincent Scarito does well in the moments he has. He seems to bring his real-life persona into play here. Silvia D’Amico gets a routine (within attempts like these) part. It looks rushed and is enacted in that way too.

The-Man-Without-Gravity--Review---Defines-The-Term-BlandPietro Pescara and Jennifer Brokshi as the younger versions of the lead pair are lovely. They set the tone for the feel-good proceedings. It is matched only at the concluding shot.

Music and Other Departments?

The music by Danilo Caposeno is used sparingly and amplified only when necessary. After the initial portions, it slowly recedes to the background. The cinematography by Michele D’Attanasio is decent. Some frames are excellent, but overall it appears par for course variety. The editing by Giogio Franchini and Sarah McTeigue, is adequate. The writing lacks emotional depth, and its effect is visible throughout the narrative.


Basic Premise
Short Length
Opening Kids Episode


Bland Narration
Boring Screenplay
No Emotional Connection

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The Man Without Gravity Review by Siddartha Toleti

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