The Pharmacist

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English-Docu-Series-the-Pharmacist-Is-Streaming-on-Netflix,-Release-Date-5th-FebruaryThe Pharmacist is a docuseries in the true crime genre, narrating the story of a small-time pharmacy-owner in Louisiana, whose son is murdered in a drug deal. He sets out to hunt down his son’s killers after the police shows least interest in solving the crime. In the process, he stumbles upon a bigger scam – that of a systemic propagation of opioid drug addiction in teenagers by prescribing them high powered opioid drugs by doctors, at the end of which they are addicted to the opioid drugs. The series follows Dan Schneider in his quest to get to the bottom of the case and ensure that the practice is shut down once and for all.

Starring Dan Schneider as himself.

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The Pharmacist