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The Minimalists - Less is now (2021)

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The Minimalists – Less is now streaming Update, an English Documentary, is streaming online, watch on Netflix, streaming on 1st January.


The Minimalists – less is Now is a show which teaches us the importance of minimalism and how we should incorporate it into our lives.

The Minimalists – Less is now is a show which teaches us the importance of letting go and decluttering our lives in a world that is trying to tell us the exact opposite of that. We have created a word that has become so fast and modern that anything we want can be delivered to us within a day and while that is necessary it can also lead to a lot of impulsive buying which will only disturb you in the long run. This show teaches us to give away things and the main principle to get started is to remove one thing every day for the entire month and slowly you will realize that you do not need most of the things that you possess right now.

“Our memories are not in our things. Our memories are inside us.” Is a line that perfectly captures the essence of this show.

Starring: Joshua Fields Millburn, Ryan Nicodemus

Directed by: Matt D’Avella

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